All Things By God’s Word!

SMS [Short Message of Scriptures]: “Hebrews 5:9 -God has explicitly, expressly given pre-eminence [in all things] to His word! -Psalm 138:2. By His word, all things had their being! -Psalm 33:6.

By perfect obedience, Jesus became the embodiment of His word and therefore the author of the new creation! -Col. 1:19. Now, everything in every realm, visible & invisible now have their root in Him and answer to Him! -Col. 1:16-17.

As the old creation came by the word [of God], the new creation has its root also in the [living] word! -I Peter 1:23.

If anything must happen in your life according to God’s thought, plan or will, it can never be outside of His word! -Hebrews 11:3. Jesus Christ is God’s means of realising His goal, plan and purpose for your life! And faith [the doing, acting, obeying of the word of His grace] is your means of seeing, receiving and realising those goals! -John 1:3.

As the root is the life of any plant, everything is subject to [the authority and power of] God’s word, including your issues! So, your case is not beyond possibility! -Luke 1:37.

Therefore, go [act, stand firm, engage] with His word today [and always]! -Acts 14:3. You’re returning a testimony [to His grace]! -Luke 1:45. Shalom!”

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