Go with the Crowned Word!

SMS [Short Message of Scriptures]: “Isaiah 55:11 -Words carry great power and are the means of expression of authority, permission or access -Ecc. 8:4. Crowns signify apex, sovereignty, dominion and rulership!

Where Peter once toiled and failed, at the word of the Lord, he succeeded exceedingly! -Luke 5:5-6. Where Moses once ran [for his life] as a fugitive, he returned with God’s word, and became a champion! -Exodus 4:12,15; Exodus 11:3.

At the very place where a helpless man stagnated for 38years, at the Lord’s word, he rose and went forward a whole man! -John 5:8-9. The same troubled waters that had [resisted and] almost drowned Peter [and his colleagues] bowed to his obedience of the Lord’s word to walk toward Him! -Matthew 14:29.

At the Lord’s call, whatever [power] took the life of Lazarus and also held him in the grave, lost hold on & over him! He that was dead walked out on death! -John 11:43-44.

All these and [far much] more [happened], because Jesus Christ, the [very] Word of God [embodied] is crowned with many crowns! -Rev. 19:11-13. Each crown [on His head] is His [victory, mastery and] sovereignty regarding any & every issue of life [of man & creation]! -Matthew 28:18. 

And there’s a word [with Him & from Him] for your case [too]! -Matthew 8:8. At which word, things shall surely be turned around for your good! May His voice & word therefore locate you today, now!

Today, as you go forth, go at & with His Word! You’re returning back with testimonies! -Luke 1:37. Shalom!”

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